On site trainingCorrect training of personnel is an asset to a company and to ensure customers gain full benefit from our equipment we offer training to help you acquire high-level skills.

Operator familiarisation courses, offered both on-site and at the Centrax headquarters, improve both the general operating knowledge and confidence of operators.

Courses vary from 1 to 3 days and are tailored to specific customer needs and are suitable for both new and existing installations.

Presented using multi-media and practical demonstration, the courses cover the major components and the operating and control systems of the Centrax generator set.

By giving clear and concise information the operators gain confidence and knowledge to enable them to operate the equipment safely, reducing the possibility of error.  A greater understanding of the unit’s systems has the added advantage of assisting with fault finding.

Courses are available which cover both new and older Centrax generator sets and range from detailed training for new staff to refresher courses for existing staff.

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