Generator Set CX501-KB7 (5.3 MW)

5 MW Gas Turbine

The most efficient gas turbine in its class

The CX501-KB7 package builds on the reliable KB5 with the addition of a zero stage to the compressor inlet of the Siemens turbine. This increases mass flow and pressure ratio, thus increasing performance and efficiency and boosting power output to over 5 MW.

Generator Set CX501-KB7 (5.3 MW)




Power ISO

5,335 kW

5,200 kW


32.1 %

31.7 %

Heat Rate

11,216 kJ/kWh

11,348 kJ/kWh

Exhaust Flow

21.3 kg/s

21.3 kg/s

Exhaust Gas Temp

495 °C

495 °C

Steam Production - t/h unfired (10 barg)



Approximate Weight

39,000 kg

39,000 kg

Key package features:

  • Fast restart capability
  • Multi-fuel options
  • Full load testing on gas or liquid fuel
  • Unique modular engine design
  • On-skid control panels
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