Generator Set Trent 60 DLE (53 MW)

Generator Set Trent 60 DLE (53 MW)

The Siemens Trent 60, a development of the RB211 family of engines, is the most advanced gas turbine available for industrial use today, delivering up to 53 MW at 42% efficiency.

Trent 60 - Dry Low Emissions (DLE)

The Trent 60 DLE is designed to meet stringent environmental requirements. The eight canular-staged combustion system allows operation of the engine in part load while still maintaining NOx and CO compliance.

The Trent 60 package is supplied as two primary modules; gas turbine and AC generator modules, with the mechanical auxiliary systems and control systems mounted on the baseplates.

Generator Set Trent 60 DLE (53 MW)





53,049 kW



42.4 %


Heat Rate

8,499 kJ/kWh


Exhaust Flow

155.1 kg/s


Exhaust Gas Temp

433 °C


Steam Production - t/h unfired (10 barg)



Approximate Weight

300,000 kg


Summary of the benefits of the industrial Trent 60 DLE

  • Highest power aeroderivative gas turbine
  • Highest simple cycle efficiency gas turbine
  • Aeroderivative flexible power - starting and restarting in less than ten minutes with multiple start capability
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