Generator Set Trent 60 WLE (66 MW)

Generator Set Trent 60 WLE (66 MW)

The Siemens Trent 60, a development of the RB211 family of engines, is the most advanced gas turbine available for industrial use today, delivering up to 66 MW at 41% efficiency.

Trent 60 - Wet Low Emissions (WLE)

The Trent 60 WLE uses an annular combustor system with water injection to boost performance and reduce emissions.

The Trent 60 package is supplied as two primary modules; gas turbine and AC generator modules, with the mechanical auxiliary systems and control systems mounted on the baseplates.

Generator Set Trent 60 WLE (66 MW)





66,000 kW



41.3 %


Heat Rate

8,715 kJ/kWh


Exhaust Flow

178.1 kg/s


Exhaust Gas Temp

425 °C


Steam Production - t/h unfired (10 barg)



Approximate Weight

300,000 kg


Summary of the benefits of the industrial Trent 60 WLE

  • Highest power aeroderivative gas turbine
  • Highest simple cycle efficiency gas turbine
  • Aeroderivative flexible power - starting and restarting in less than ten minutes with multiple start capability
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